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As told by Hans van Egmond, the first chairman of the KSN;

"The club was actually born out of necessity ....

Windsurfing came on the rise in the late 1970s. They then sailed with those huge boards that were later called "doors". Windsurfing was mainly practiced by my friends and by me on the Oosterduinse Meer in Noordwijkerhout, what we then called Lake Como. We went there with whole families.

Slowly but surely there were very courageous people who dared to windsurf at sea. And there were more and more in the following years.

Everyone just looked for a spot somewhere along the beach, among the bathers, to go windsurfing.
That got a bit out of hand because the surfing and landing between the swimmers took place. It just became a very dangerous situation. Collisions between surfboards and swimmers impended.

Ruud Dessing and I were avid surfers. But we were both also on the 'CDA' board, a local municipality party. Via inside information we heard that there was going to be a meeting between the Mayor and the Police Commissioner about the dangers of windsurfing. And we heard that they intended to forbid windsurfing in the sea between the swimmers.

That should not happen!

Ruud and I then decided to break into the consultation between Mayor Bonnike and Commissioner Basten on the bluff argument that we were setting up a surf club, and that is why we definitely wanted to participate in the discussion.

We were kindly listened to and we said that we wanted to come up with a proposal whereby, as with the local sailing association, we would like to have a fixed starting and landing place.
That proposal was accepted and we were asked to come up with proposals and concrete measures.

But then we suddenly had to start a surf club!

We then sent out an invitation via local papers 'De Zeekant' and 'De Noordwijker' in which we called on all windsurfers from Noordwijk and the surrounding area to talk to us about the establishment of a Surfclub. That first meeting took place in the former association center 'De Kuip' in Noordwijk Binnen.

About 80 people arrived on this first evening. That evening the proposal was embraced to start a new Surfclub and a board was immediately formed.
I became the chairman, and Grada van Exter also became the first (top) secretary, Koos Samsom treasurer with Ruud Dessing, Rutger van Oosten, Paul Tordoir, Jantje van der Heijden, Paul Herben and John van Exter as board members. And almost all those present in the room immediately became members.


So a great start ....

Our first work was to find a starting and landing place. Our eye fell on the beachclub 'Zuiderbad', which was completely run down! We asked the Municipality and the Rijnland Water Board to refurbishe that place, a bit, because we had few resources left. And we went looking for a sponsor for a rubber lifeboat that would allow us to monitor and rescue any surfers in need. Soon we ended up with the Passchier brothers, from 'Passchier Touw', who had started a trade in windsurf boards in addition to the rope trade.

They were immediately enthusiastic and became one of our best sponsors in the first years. Thanks to their offered boat and many extra contributions, we were able to grow quickly !! They have been indispensable for the start-up of the KSN.

Security measures were also immediately taken to meet the requirements of the Municipality.
The take-off and landing took place within a specified area near the Zuiderbad. Everyone had to wear an orange life jacket with a bib number that made everyone recognizable. As chairman I had number 01, Ruud Dessing of course 02 and Grada got 03. And we were very proud of that, haha ​​....

In addition, windsurfing competitions were held every two weeks, with Dickie van der Spek and Fred Dijsselbloem being our first club champions.

And we were looking for a lot of publicity for the KSN, as it was then baptized, a lot of publicity to promote and expand the club. Barteld de Jong was our club photographer, he was always there to capture everything on the sensitive plate. He must have a huge KSN archive. Lou Buijze from 'De Zeekant' and Chris Verhagen from 'De Noordwijker' were kind enough to publish a weekly story about the KSN we put forward in their weekly magazine.
After a few years of building up, the KSN was on its feet and Ruud Dessing and I handed over the board to surf enthusiasts who had much more time.
To our great surprise, we were appointed as initiators, both as honorary members of the KSN. A title that we are both still very proud of. All the more because we see that through the good work of our successors, the KSN has grown into a beautiful serious club that has taken a very permanent place in the club life of Noordwijk! In addition, the cup that could be won in the classic race was also called the DE-cup, the Dessing van Egmond-Cup. ”

I wish the KSN a great and windward future!


Hans van Egmond,

As you can read, there was a lot of work involved in the creation of the Kustsurfvereniging Noordwijk . In the years that followed, many beautiful events, competitions, wind days and initiatives took place, including; multiple anniversaries, the 'Surfse' (the now defunct club magazine), the Kiteboard Open (also known as KBO), European competitions, NK Supmasters, the Sunday Sessions, etc.

The years have flown by and you would almost forget that after all this time we have already moved into the fourth clubhouse, which has created a permanent place for the coming decades to enjoy and enjoy for many years to come. around the water.

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