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KSN Kite Regulations

The rules of the APV (the General Local Regulation) Noordwijk 2017 also apply to members of the KSN. We have converted this into the following KSN Kite Regulations:

• No Kite surfing at: BLACK flag on KSN clubhouse
Kitesurfing only: In KSN-Lycra-shirt (Police & APV van Noordwijk).
Kitesurfing only: If WA insured incl. Kitesurf cover, members of the Dutch Kitesurf Association are automatically insured.
Have priority: Other water sports enthusiasts and beach visitors.
Kite surfing at: At least 100 meters from the coast.
Free beach: 25 meters from waterline for rescue.
Kite area is for: Takeoff / Landing and NOT practicing.
Landed somewhere else: Kite high and back along waterline.
Kitesurfer uses: Always good and safe kite material.
A helmet and a buoyancy aid are: NOT mandatory , but they do increase safety for every rider.
When the kite is on the beach: always weight the kite with sand and roll up lines immediately after landing.
Know the general sailing rules: These can be found at:
Master your skills and know your limits: As a kiter, you should always be able to stop or take turns in time. The speed and risk you take should be adjusted to; your skill, that of the people around you, and the crowds on the water.
Kitesurfers: wear a lycra KSN vest at all times (also when making a downwinder from / to the KSN) and conform to the KSN Kite Regulations.
KSN members : address violators of these rules.

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