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KSN Kitezone

In the municipality of Noordwijk, 3 kite zones have been designated where kiters can enter and exit the sea. There is 1 free zone, which is accessible to everyone, and 2 separate zones for members and lessons. These conditions are also laid down in the General Local Ordinance of Noordwijk;

3.The KSN is located at kite zone A: the stretch of beach between exit 2 and 4 at the beginning of the Kon. Astrid Boulevard. In other words, the stretch of beach near our KSN clubhouse.


  • It is only possible to kite here if you are a member of the KSN.

  • It is always mandatory to wear a KSN lycra.

  • Day membership is not possible here because of the crowds.

  • Kiting with a two-line kite is not allowed in this zone


Violators of these terms can be fined if they fail to comply.

When entering and leaving the sea, kiters should stay out of the orange zones as much as possible, as shown in the map below.

Tekengebied 1@6x.png
Tekengebied 2@6x.png

Other kite zones in the Municipality of Noordwijk are;

2. Water sports center / surf club Beachbreak located in kite zone B: the stretch of beach between national beach poles 80.750 and 80.500, located on the Zeereep and north of beach tent 'De Koele Kosta'.


  • Only for Beachbreak members and students.

  • Day membership possible.

  • It is mandatory to wear a Beachbreak lycra while kiting.


1. Free Kite Zone Langevelderslag located in kite zone C: The stretch of beach between national beach posts 75,500 and 75,250, near Radio Nora at Langevelderslag, 500 meters south of exit 27.


  • Everyone can freely enter and leave the sea here.

  • There is no supervision

  • You can also fly here with a kite with two lines


For more information, please visit the website of the Municipality of Noordwijk.

Kitespots in Noordwijk

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