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Enthusiastic new surfing members are always welcome at the KSN! Are you already kitesurfing or windsurfing, or have you just started surfing or supping, then you are very welcome to share your passion with the other members.

Certain rules apply to kite surfing at the KSN, see this link.

Types of

We have different types of memberships:

  • Relationship Member (Family Membership): € 200 per year (incl children up to 22 years) (1-time 150 € registration fee)
    For families (incl children up to 22 years) or partners who live at the same address. Your surfing partner (or your non-surfing partner who sometimes wants to come along *) will receive a € 60 discount. After you have registered as the head of the relationship membership, please also register your partner and your child (ren) via the following memberships, this can be done via the link that you receive from the secretary.

  • Adult basic member: € 125 per year (from 22 years) (1-time € 150 registration fee) - Individual membership from 22 years.

  • Basic member Student: € 80 per year (from 16 years to 22 years) - Individual membership from 16 to 22 years.

  • Basic member Youth: € 30 per year (up to 16 years) - Individual membership up to 16 years

  • Sunday / Friday: € 30 per season (up to 16 years) (ends automatically)
    For youth members up to the age of 16 who participate in the Sunday and Friday sessions who prefer an automatically expiring season subscription.

    * The KSN surfclub is only open to members, so even your partner who only comes along in good weather must be registered as a member.


The payment for the memberships (with the exception of Sunday / Friday sessions kids members) are for a whole year from the moment of registration (so no longer per season as in the past due to the year-round club house), there will always be a direct debit for the following year (first time via IDEAL).



You can become a member by sending an email to with a brief explanation of which surf sport you want to do and what you expect from your membership and what you can bring to our association.


Start info new members

After registration you will receive an email with the necessary information about our club and the customs that go around in our club, and if desired you can also join a guided tour and additional instructions for new kitesurfing members.

In order to be able and allowed to kite in front of the clubhouse, you must be able to sail independently and be in possession of a KSN lycra. So make sure you have had enough lessons and are confident. If you want to become a member for windsurfing, wave surfing or paddle boarding, you don't have to. During kiting you must wear an association vest (lycra), which can be requested via the secretary (deposit costs of € 30, if lost, the deposit is € 40).

Make sure that you have made a video with your request for a lycra in the following format.
(see video below.)











This shows that you have sufficient kite control and that you can walk sufficiently. Editing this video is not necessary and the files can be submitted via The files can then be email to together with your application.

In this video you show ALL of the following three maneuvers;

1. Launching and landing the kite
2. Upwind kitesurfing
3. One-handed kite control

When kiting you have to stay between the signs that indicate the kite zone. Take a look at this page , if you have any questions or if you would like to get acquainted, feel free to drop by or send an email to

Payment of contribution is made only by direct debit or via IDEAL; cash or payment by pin is not possible

KSN Lycra

Unfortunately we see many kiters (member and non member) sailing without a clublycra. Let's all make sure that everyone sails with a vest so that we can keep our spot open. So that also means talking to each other, because the board does not always have an overview.

You can refer non-members to Langeveld, there is a free kite zone. For more information see the following page 'KSN kitezone'. It is not allowed to practice in front of the club (after critical situations in the past, such as kites on beach tent terraces, etc.) You can only kite with us if you can do that properly and safely.

Please note that we also have downwinders that sometimes arrive or take of from our club, that is allowed.

If you have lost your KSN lycra , you can request a new one via .



Storage spaces

In addition to the membership, we offer the possibility to store your surf / kite / sup or windsurf gear. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting list.

What is possible and what are the costs?

  • Kitesurf gear

    • Kitesurf storage in the dunes in one of the dune lockers.

      • Lofts shared with 6-7 people

      • 80 € per year

    • Kitesurf storage in the basement of our clubhouse

      • Personal Mesh Cabinet (supplied without a padlock)

      • Dimensions: 75cm wide, 80cm and approximately 2m high (all kite surfboards fit in it)

      • 125 € per year.

PAY ATTENTION! We collect at the start the first 2 years in one go (so 250 € will be charged)


  • Windsurfing spot in the dune lockers

    • Lofts are shared with 6-7 people

    • 80 € per year

  • Sup storage (up to max 295cm (9'8) (container is 590cm long and go 2 boards in length))

    • 80 € per year

  • Wave surfboard storage (up to max 235cm (7'7) (container height), boards longer than 235cm must be specified as a SUP spot and the costs thereof)

    • 55 € per year


The issue principles:  

In addition, as of June 2019, the following principles for the allocation of places will apply, depending on the member type:

  • Per Relationship Member / Basic Member / Student Member:

    • Max 2 spots for his or her “head surf sport” (ie kite or sup etc.), or which max 1 in the basement

    • Max 1 place for your first “at surf sport”

    • Max 1 place for your second “at surf sport”

  • Per Youth Membership

    • Maximum 1 place (except storage in the basement)

  • Sunday / Friday members CANNOT request a loft (YES if they switch to a Youth membership because a Sunday / Friday subscription ends automatically)


You can pass on your wishes in the following ways, and if there is not a place immediately, you will be placed on the waiting list (see above the prices of the places and the differences):

  • Waiting list Windsurf

  • Waiting list Wave surf

  • Waiting list Sup

For the kite spots:  

  • Waiting list Kite Dunes

Choose this option if you would like a place in the upper pool

  • Waiting list Kite Basement

Choose this option if you would like a mesh cabinet in the basement.

  • Waiting list Kite Basement - Transfer

You choose this option if you already have a place in the upper pool and want to exchange it for a mesh cabinet in the basement, so make the switch.

Storage-key regulation


Lost/forgotten keys


Ordering can only be done via Delivery time ± 5 working days.


You can also report storagelockers where the key is stuck or is'nt working properly at;


It makes no sense to inquire about keys at the bar as we do not store the spare keys in the club, so if you do not come to your loft, make sure you can reach a loft companion to re-enter your loft. 

Storage lockers regulation


ALWAYS keep the threshold of the loft SAND-FREE, sand on the threshold causes tension on the door, which means that the lock refuses. All storagelockers should have a dustpan and brush so that excess sand can be removed as much as possible. Together with your storage locker companions you must ensure that:


  • The loft remains neat;

  • The threshold remains sand-free;

  • The lock remains sand-free;

  • Each other's material is not damaged;

  • No unnecessary items are stored (think of beach chairs, toys, etc.);

  • Storage keys are not copied by third parties;

  • Storage lockers are closed properly;

  • You are aware of the phonenumbers of your storagelocker companions;



You can become a member by sending an email to with a brief explanation of which surf sport you want to do and what you expect from your membership and what you can bring to our association.


After you have become a member, you can email your wishes to

ksn hok.jpg


For and by members ..

We are also always looking for volunteers who want to contribute to our beautiful club. Volunteers can contribute to events, construction-related matters, youth activities and the boat committee and we also have the wish for shippers (facility role) for our beautiful new club building. You can indicate your interest to

Besides that it is fun and nice that you do something for your club, it is also a very effective way to quickly get to know many people at the club.

You can become a member by sending an email to with a brief explanation of which surf sport you want to do and what you expect from your membership and what you can bring to our association.

If you have any questions you can mail to

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